One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

∅ Free eTextbook Download [ One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America ] ⡿ By Kevin M Kruse ⣉ ∅ Free eTextbook Download [ One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America ] ⡿ By Kevin M Kruse ⣉ Were often told that the United States is, was, and always has been a Christian nation But in One Nation Under God, historian Kevin M Kruse reveals that the idea of Christian America is an inventionand a relatively recent one at that.As Kruse argues, the belief that America is fundamentally and formally a Christian nation originated in the 1930s when businessmen enlisted religious activists in their fight against FDRs New Deal Corporations from General Motors to Hilton Hotels bankrolled conservative clergymen, encouraging them to attack the New Deal as a program of pagan statism that perverted the central principle of Christianity the sanctity and salvation of the individual Their campaign for freedom under God culminated in the election of their close ally Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.But this apparent triumph had an ironic twist In Eisenhowers hands, a religious movement born in opposition to the government was transformed into one that fused faith and the federal government as never before During the 1950s, Eisenhower revolutionized the role of religion in American political culture, inventing new traditions from inaugural prayers to the National Prayer Breakfast Meanwhile, Congress added the phrase under God to the Pledge of Allegiance and made In God We Trust the countrys first official motto With private groups joining in, church membership soared to an all time high of 69% For the first time, Americans began to think of their country as an officially Christian nation.During this moment, virtually all Americansacross the religious and political spectrumbelieved that their country was one nation under God But as Americans moved from broad generalities to the details of issues such as school prayer, cracks began to appear Religious leaders rejected this lowest common denomination public religion, leaving conservative political activists to champion it alone In Richard Nixons hands, a politics that conflated piety and patriotism became sole property of the right.Provocative and authoritative, One Nation Under God reveals how the unholy alliance of money, religion, and politics created a false origin story that continues to define and divide American politics to this day. The Pledge of Allegiance US History View the original text history s most important documents, including The Balti Sun Bringing you breaking news, sports, entertainment, opinion, weather and from Balti, Maryland Light for all AMERICAblog News A great nation deserves the News, analysis content about world politics Article One United States Constitution Senate shall be composed two Senators each State, chosen by Legislature thereof, six Years Senator have one Vote New Orleans Leading Local Weather, employees were deemed mission critical not available during crisis, which led to yet another boil water advisory that interrupted businesses Victims Sexual Violence Statistics RAINN out every American women has been victim an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime General Plan Bob Arnebeck Web Washington approved a plan capital placed president Congress just over mile part That seemingly inconvenient First Inaugural Address Abraham Lincoln Fellow Citizens In compliance with custom as old Government itself, I appear before address briefly take Louis Albert Bowman, attorney Illinois, was first suggest addition under God pledge National Society Daughters Secrets Successful People Know Know About Time Management Kevin Kruse written best books ve ever read on scaling up Low Cost Ways Reward Employees Forbes Did know today, March , is officially Employee Appreciation Day Research shows feeling appreciated comes recognition others Top Leadership Speakers Inc m fairly unique position curate this list leadership speakers interviewed authors consultants my LEADx Warum sich Juso Chef Khnert mit SPD Die Jusos sind immer besonders stark, wenn sie gegen etwas Dieses Mal legt ihr Vorsitzender der SPD Parteispitze Denn eines will One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

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