The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

᠇ Free Download The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire ꕋ E-Pub Author Matt Taibbi 뤮 ᠇ Free Download The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire ꕋ E-Pub Author Matt Taibbi 뤮 ONEBORN AGAINIt s a Thursday afternoon in San Antonio and I m in a rented roomcreaky floorboards, peeling wallpaper, month to month, no lease, space heater only, the ultimate temporary lifestyleand I can t find the right channel on the television I rented this place, it seems, without making sure that it had ESPN This realization throws the poverty of the room into relief for the first time.Shit, it s cold in here, I think, aware of a draft all of a sudden When I look back at the TV, it s on a gospel channel A video preacher straight out of central casting is pointing a finger right at the screenright at meadmonishing me to surrender to God He s got swept back white hair, gold wire rimmed glasses, and a booming hellfire voice that makes the name A BRA HAAM come spilling out of his mouth like a brand new Mustang V 8 turning over for the first time.When you give up than you deserve, he shouts, God will give you than you dreamed He pauses, letting the words settle in for effect I want you to write that down somewhere I shrug and reach for a notebook.Write it down When you give up than you deserve, the preacher repeats, God will give you than you dreamed I nod and write it down in block letters Why not I have no idea what the hell it means, but I didn t come to Texas to argue with people But what exactly do I deserve The preacher continues on his sermon is from Genesis 12, the story about Abraham coming to Egypt and instructing his beautiful wife, Sarah, to say that she s his sister, which in turn allows Abraham not only to avoid being killed but to trade her to Pharaoh in exchange for a mother lode of slaves, asses, and camels But, as things like this always do in the Old Testament, this unlawful union brings a plague on Pharaoh, and when Pharaoh finds out the reason, he is pissed, screaming to Abraham, Why saidst thou, She is my sister Therefore behold thy wife, take her, and go thy way.At which point Abraham and his people leave, and a few chapters later he gets to go into the tent of his wife s handmaiden Hagar and make a baby with her This seems like a great deal for Abrahamavoid execution, get a great trade in deal for your wife, then bang her handmaidenbut I m not sure I see where the lesson about deserving and dreaming is here No such problem for Pastor John Hagee.You see, it happened to A BRA HAAM, it can happen to you he shouts Nothing is impossible to those who have faith Down at the bottom of the screen there s a notation PRAYER LINE 210 490 5100 I write that down, too, marking it with a smiley face.The show ends shortly after that and another, less talented preacherhis Carrot Top esque shtick is preaching seated at a deskcomes on and starts babbling about the Christian children in the Sudan being kidnapped at birth and forced to convert to Islam Here in South Texas everyone for five hundred miles in every direction is a Christian, but they re constantly finding ways to think of themselves as a besieged minority You hear a lot about our oppressed brothers and sisters in Africa, India, the Middle East They re ideal objects of sympathy because they re helpless, they re poor, and it would take them at least twenty years to reach San Antonio even if they started swimming today.Anyway, I hit the mute button, lean back in my chair, look around at my shitty room, and sigh It s December 2006 and I m now on hiatus, after spending the whole fall covering the midterm elections for my depraved liberal magazine, Rolling Stone I m here in Texas to work out the answer to a question that has been germinating in my mind for some time, and which came to a head after the elections.Back in the East Coast media world where I come froman ugly place where nothing grows but scum, lichens, and Jonathan Franzenthe sweeping electoral victory by the Democrats was greeted with a tremendous sigh of relief, as if it were a sign that our endlessly self correcting, essentially centrist American polity had finally come to its senses In that world, there was optimism because the people had finally derailed that nutty Bush revolution, because the country had apparently seen the light about a pointlessly bloody and outrageously expensive war in Iraq, and because the cautious yuppieism of the Democratic Party had been triumphantly rehabilitated, at least temporarily quelling the potentially internationally embarrassing specter of terminal one party rule The pendulum was swinging back, yin was morphing back into yang American politics moved in cycles, and the latest conservative cycle had finally ended.The election results were being sold, in other words, as a triumph of the American system, of American democracy Just like the producers for Monday Night Football, the counry s political elite likes things best when the teams are evenly matched As far as the press was concerned, the best thing about the Democratic bounce back in the midterms was that it set up a great 2008 Even odds, or maybe Dems 1, to reach the White House American politics had never been in better shape.I knew better I had been all around the country in the last year and I knew that the last thing these elections represented was a vote of confidence in the American system Out There, in states both blue and red, the People were boarding the mothership, preparing to leave this planet for good The media had long ignored the implications of polls that showed that half the country believed in angels and the inerrancy of the Bible, or of the fact that the Left Behind series of books had sold in the tens of millions But on the ground the political consequences of magical thinking were becoming clearer The religious right increasingly saw satanic influences and signs of the upcoming apocalypse Meanwhile, on the left, a different sort of fantasy was gaining traction, as an increasing number up to a third of the country according to some pollsaw the Bush crime family in league with Al Qaeda, masterminding 9 11 Media outlets largely ignored poll results that they felt could not possibly be true like a CBS News survey that showed that only 16 percent believed that the Bush administration was telling the truth about 9 11, with 53 percent believing the government was hiding something and another 28 percent believing that it was mostly lying Then there was a stunning Zogby poll taken just in advance of the 2004 Republican convention that showed that nearly half of New York City residents49.3 percentbelieved that the government knew in advance that the 9 11 attacks were coming and purposely failed to act.Not only did voters distrust the government s words and actions by 2007 they also had very serious doubts about their government s legitimacy Successive election cycles foundering on voting machine scandals had left both sides deeply suspicious of election results A poll in Florida taken in 2004 suggested that some 25 percent of voters worried that their votes were not being counteda 20 percent jump from the pre 2000 numbers More damningly, a Zogby poll conducted in 2006 showed that only 45 percent of Americans were very confident that George Bush won the 2004 election fair and square.The most surprising thing about that last poll was the degree to which the distrust was spread wide across the demographic spectrum That 71 percent of African Americans distrusted the 2004 results was perhaps not a surprise, given that black voters in America have been victims of organized disenfranchisement throughout this country s history.But 28 percent of NASCAR fans Twenty five percent of born again Christians Thirty two percent of currently serving members of the armed forces These are astonishing numbers for a country that even in its lowest timesafter Watergate, say, or during Reconstructionnever doubted the legitimacy of their leaders to such a degree.And if distrust of the government was at an all time high, that was still nothing compared to what the public thought of the national media Both the left and the right had developed parallel theories about the co opting of the corporate press, imagining it to be controlled by powerful unseen enemies, and increasingly turned to grassroots Internet sources for news and information In the BBC Reuters Media Center s annual Trust in the Media survey in 2006, the United States was one of just two countries surveyedBritain being the otherwhere respondents trusted their government 67 percent than they trusted national news reporters 59 percent A Harris poll that same year showed that some 68 percent of Americans now felt that the news media were too powerful.The country, in other words, was losing its shit Our national politics was doomed because voters were no longer debating one another using a commonly accepted set of facts There was no commonly accepted set of facts, except in the imagination of a hopelessly daft political and media elite that had long ago lost touch with the general public What we had instead was a nation of reality shoppers, all shutting the blinds on the loathsome old common landscape to tinker with their own self tailored and in some cases highly paranoid recipes for salvation and or revolution They voted in huge numbers, but they were voting out of loathing, against enemies and against the system in general, not really for anybody The elections had basically become a forum for organizing the hatreds of the population.And the worst thing was that the political parties at some level were complicit in this and understood what was going on perfectlywhich is why together they spent 160 million on negative advertising in this cycle, as opposed toPRAISE FOR THE GREAT DERANGEMENTMatt Taibbi is the best American journalism has to offer As The Great Derangement shows,he has absolutely no fear in confronting the corruption that plagues our government and exploring rising desperation that plagues America Andsomehow, he pulls it off while making us simultaneously weep in sorrow and laugh our asses off David Sirota, author of Hostile Takeover The Great Derangement is a scabrous, hilarious vivisection of our disintegrating nation An unstinting reporter and sensational writer, Taibbi shines a light on the corruption, absurdities and idiot pieties of modern American politics Beneath his cynical fury, though, are flashes of surprising compassion for the adrift, credulous souls who are taken in by it all I loved this book.Michelle Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Kingdom Coming The Rise of Christian Nationalism Where other mainstream news sources fail, Matt Taibbi madly embraces his role as an honest political observer writer citizen in a democracy I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for Matts hand in marriage.Janeane GarofaloWith his trademark mordant wit, Taibbi explores the black comedy of the American polis.thoughtful Democrats, Republicans, and independents will find common ground in this book that punctures pretense, hypocrisy, and know nothingness Publishers WeeklyTaibbi is a powerful writer, and his righteous fury with the sickening mechanism of congressional corruption seethes on every page Kirkus ReviewsIt s a fascinating and hilarious study, fueled by Taibbi s own brand of paranoia, reflecting a cruel light on an America gone wild Los Angeles Times A vicious, funny, heartbreaking tour of the American scene The New York ObserverAcidly funny For readers who have themselves grown desperate, Taibbis renegade book is a bracing kind of salvationthe kind that will amuse and enrage at the same time Time Out Vibrant, rich and irreverent It s quotable, pointed, painful, funny and true Thank God we have Matt Taibbi around Daily Kos The Great Derangement A Terrifying True Story The Story of War, Politics, and Religion Matt Taibbi Books Expulsion the Acadians Wikipedia Expulsion Acadians, also known as Upheaval, Expulsion, Deportation Le Grand Drangement, was forced removal by Trump Syndrome Know Your Meme Trump TDS is a mock mental disorder coined supporters th President United States Donald to describe his critics Articles Karl Rove State Rep Stacey Abrams s victory in Georgia Democratic primary historic She first black woman win major party nomination for governor Roe v Wade Catholic defense indefensible often leads kind derangement otherwise rational people That case with defenders slavery crosses criminal BETWEEN THE LINES criminal line Exclusive Joseph Farah wonders how long before someone inspired fake news harm Public image George W Bush Bush, rd States, has elicited variety public perceptions regarding policies, personality, performance head Rand Paul Has Sen Rand debates CNN Wolf Blitzer about syndrome media reaction Putin summit He responds Newt It Feels Like Menopause, I took my new boxes patches, pump gel estrogen top up on bad days, precious testosterone, went home hope It months Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Fox News Jeanine Then, moderator Whoopi tried get question in, Pirro accused her having Syndrome, dismissal recently popularized bol Derangement, Amitav Ghosh paperback Are we deranged acclaimed Indian novelist argues that future generations may well think so How else explain non fiction book addressing climate change writer published composed three parts, Part Climate Change the , ratings reviews David said Most seem agree humans are verge disaster, thi Xysea Let me just say kicks much ass, when this next part don t Buy Unthinkable Berlin Family Lectures FREE SHIPPING qualified orders Book Review Climate In Unthinkable, offers work aims confront eBook Read Rakuten Kobo door Lees at Twilight American Empire met unthinkable ISBN from Book Store Everyday low prices free Politics Rolling Stone Music, Film, TV Political Coverage Divide Injustice Age Wealth Gap Taibbi, Molly Crabapple shipping qualifying NEW YORK TIMES Taibbi Truth About Tea Party Honest Unmerciful An Open Letter Matt brilliant response millennial Taibi displeasure over Stone endorsement Hillary Clinton Mike Mike born c an television journalist working NBC won Emmy Award four time recipient Edward R Murrow Lost Exile Vanity Fair Mark Ames, co editors Exile, subversive English language newspaper based Moscow, whose decadelong run came abrupt end Matt Vampire Squid Takedown Of At last, highly readable extremely attack Goldman Sachs online full Now you can read it without gold Editorials gold energy editorials listed external newslinks bottom page current Energy Report Phil Flynn Chicago Reader Chicago Music Nightlife, Arts Culture, Food Drink, Best Chicago, events happening recommended things do, places go The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

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