Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key

⊏  Format Kindle ᥠ Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key free download ⊼ Ebook By Louise Bates Ames ⋴ ⊏ Format Kindle ᥠ Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key free download ⊼ Ebook By Louise Bates Ames ⋴ chapter one CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AGE The Seven year old is a very special person and Seven a unique and highly distinctive age It stands out, coming as it does between the positive vigor of Six and the broad expansiveness of Eight Although any Seven, like anybody else, will have his many moments of exuberance, security and happiness, this is in general an age of withdrawal, of pulling in, of calming down As it begins, parents and teachers may be somewhat relieved A little calm and quiet is welcome after the tussles and tangles of Six But once the child of Seven starts to withdraw, it is almost as though he doesnt know where or when to stop He goes on and on with his withdrawal until it almost seems that he might be comfortable and contented if there were actually no other people in the world Some Six year olds seem ready to talk to almost anybody, to share themselves and their ideas and warm emotions Seven may be much silent and less giving in company People all too often do not behave in a way that satisfies the child of this age, who thinks they are mean, hateful, unfriendly, always picking on him He thinks his teacher, especially, picks on him, and parents of Seven year olds are well advised not to believe all the tales of maltreatment and unfairness that their children may bring home from school Seven year olds tend to think that people dont like them, or fear that people may not like them Of course the kids will make fun of me The child may often be moody, morose, and melancholy Above all, the girl or boy of this age is a worrier worries about everythingthe atomic bomb, war, hurricanes, that the family may not have enough money Seven worries before second grade begins that it will be too difficult and that the things expected may be too hard A girl worries that her teacher wont like her she worries not only about her relationship with others but about herself Any minor pain or discomfort may be interpreted as a fatal illness If a boy hiccoughs, he may take it as a sign that he is going to die He may also worry that others close to him will die Yes, indeed, Seven has many worries and also many fearsprobably than at surrounding ages Sometimes the child is afraid of things that have never happenedof being late for school, for instance More realistic are such fears as fear of the dark To him the cellar is full of ominous silences, which he tends to misinterpret Or he may mistake for a burglar, ghost, or spy the clothes that he hung over a chair when he went to bed However, many Sevens have now conquered earlier fears, such as fear of the dentist or of swimming Also, many are now willing to tackle scary situations, as did the little girl who traveled alone by plane on a summer vacation Asked if she was frightened, she replied, Yes, but you have to do scary things if youre going to visit your grandmother Or a boy may use his flashlight to dispel frightening shadows in his closet, or get his sister to precede him down the cellar stairs, saying politely, Ladies first In addition to having many worries and fears, the child of this age often feels that he has all the bad luck As one girl expressed it, Why do I always have the bad luck Why do things so often happen to me I might as well be dead The bad luck in this case was that it was time for her to go to bed The Seven year old also tends to feel strongly that parents like brothers and sisters better than they like him and that they do for others in the family than they do for him Typical is the boy whose father fixed an old bike for the boys Five year old brother The Seven year old whined to mother, He never fixes my bike He never does anything for me Nobody around here ever does anything for me Nobody cares about me I might as well be dead Mother suggested that the boy look in the garage Maybe Dad had fixed his bike No, said the boy, he wouldnt do anything for me He never does Actually, the father had already fixed the boys bike as well as his brothers Sevens characteristic expression may be a frown, with lips curled downward Tears come easily, although the child may try to hold them back, because he is embarrassed to cry in front of other people Also, Seven is easily disappointed Things so often do not turn out as expected If things go wrong at play, he is likely to leave the group, mumbling to himself, Im quittin At home a Seven year old boy rushes to his room and slams the door he may even threaten to run away from home This is not the expansive exuberance that sometimes drove the Four year old out into the world, but is simply a desire to get away from what he may consider an intolerable situation Seven is a good listener and, within his own limits, a good student He likes to read or be read to, watch TV, talk things over, and work things out for himself A difficult intellectual problem can prove a challenge rather than cause the frustration it might have at Six In fact, Seven can be a delightful age if the adult is willing to accept the childs feelings and sensitivities, frequent brooding, and sulking, moodiness, as well as the pleasant aspects of this quiet, withdrawn age To some extent, Seven lives in a world of thought and loves to think things through Just as his hands are busy touching, exploring, feeling everything with which he comes into contact, so his mind is busy observing, reflecting He takes in infinitely than he gives out, and his thought processes are probably much intense than they may appear to be on the surface He may even talk to himself in front of the mirror It is as though the child of this age were trying to define himself, and he does this in part by watching the outside world and then thinking over the things he has observed In fact, Seven expresses at times a fine new sense of growing independence, a wish at least to try to work things out without help instead of expecting others to solve his problems for him, as he did earlier However, for the most part, neither girl nor boy is especially adventurous, preferring to hang on to the old rather than aggressively tackling the new Perhaps most helpful to the adult is the childs increasing reasonableness, his willingness if he is in a good mood to listen to somebody elses side of the story Now he can on occasion even lose at a competitive game without blowing up However, Seven is not an age known for humor Thus, handling a child through the use of humor may not be as successful as at some other ages Intellectually one of Sevens most conspicuous characteristics is a tendency toward perseveration, a tendency to go on and on with a task or situation until it is completed to satisfaction or until somebody stops him From the adult point of view, Seven is apt to overdo, to go on with one thing too long, such as bounce a ball against the side of the house interminably, or read or watch TV for hours In fact, parents sometimes comment that it is fortunate that books have chapters and that TV programs have endings If not, it might be almost impossible to separate child from book or television set Beginnings may be difficult for Seven year olds, but once started, it is hard for them to stop The Seven year old becomes aware of himself as a person He is less selfish than at Six, but extremely self absorbed By absorbing impressions of things seen and heard and read, and by working things over in his mind, Seven seems to be strengthening and building up a sense of self for the time when he will burst out into the world at Eight The Eight year old will take his equipment his self out into the world to see what he can do with it At Seven he is busy improving, strengthening, discovering, his self So time alone with special pursuits is treasured Seven likes to have a room of his own to which he can retreat and where he can protect his things With some Sevens, self awareness relates strongly to the physical self Seven is aware of his body and is sensitive about exposing it, especially to the opposite sex he may refuse to use the toilet at school if there is no door on it he does not like to be touched The typical Seven year old has rather high standards and ideals, is serious about self and is responsible, and wants to do things right In fact, many mothers feel that their children are too anxious to be perfect, too much afraid of failure Many Seven year olds, girls as well as boys, do set very high standards for themselves, are ashamed of any mistake, and may wish to bring home only papers that are 100s This wish for perfection may be the reason why, when engaged in desk work, the child erases so much Seven has been called by some teachers the eraser age It is hard to get everything just right Seven keeps working at a task until it is finished Six is an attacker, a good starter Seven is of a finisher. Your Seven Year Old is devoted to the delightful but often anxious and withdrawn child of Seven Although any seven year old will have moments of exuberance, security, and happiness, in general this is an age of introspection As it begins, parents and teachers may welcome the quiet after the tussles and tangles of Six But once the child of Seven starts to withdraw its almost as though he doesn t know where or when to stop Seven year olds feel picked on by family, friends, and teachers alike they worry that no one likes them they expect every little task to prove too difficult to handle tears come easily at this age With wit and wisdom, Dr Ames of the highly respected Gesell Institute and Carol Chase Haber offer insights into what children this age are feeling and thinking, and how parents can best deal with these moody, serious Sevens Included in this book New body awareness Sulking Concerns about fairness Stories from real life Fascination with horror, gore Threats of running away from home Life in the second grade Books for Sevens and the parents of Sevens Louise Bates Ames and her colleagues synthesize a lifetime of observation of children, consultation, and discussion with parents These books will help parents to better understand their children and will guide them through the fascinating and sometimes trying experiences of modern parenthood.Donald J Cohen, M.D., Director, Yale Child Study Center, Irving B Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Yale School of Medicine Real Estate and Property Market News Domain Domain Provides the latest real estate property market news in Australia State of Inbound State Your Go To Business Report for Marketing Sales Research Repayment Plans Federal Student Aid Although you may select or be assigned a repayment plan when first begin repaying your student loan, can change plans at any time free Health Level Seven International Homepage HL Health Unlocking power health information with standards Learn More San Antonio, Texas January , ArtPrize How Can I Support ArtPrize is nonprofit organization support helps event thrive year over Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Gratitude That It s that where many people thinking about everything they have to thankful it nice count blessings on ABCs Death Mourning, Jewish Death ABCs laws related shiva, cope emotional spiritual issues person faces NewWonders The Global Voting Campaigns Campaigns NewWonders New York Times presents Wonders World video Barnesville A serial killer now imprisoned who has confessed murders across country claimed seven kills Georgia, including one Griffin area Totgesagte leben lnger Vor mittlerweile Jahren wurde der Melting Pot, bis dahin das grte Nachwuchsfrderevent Sachen Mucke Niedersterreich, unterLouise Day Hicks Wikipedia Anna Louise October was an American politician lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts, best known her staunch opposition James Meredith James Howard born June African Civil Rights Movement figure, writer, political adviser Air Force veteran Sympathy by Tipton Hurst, IncKILA N Grant St Little Rock, AR comments tiptonhurst Hurst Iowa Genealogical Society Obituaries Obituaries These are obituaries were submitted IGS We also thousands other obituary abstracts either microfilm actual Author Pseudonyms Trussel EclectiCity B BA BB BE BI BJ BL BO BR BU BY rthur C hristopher Benson Cuthbert Headlam Charlotte Bront Administration National Institute for Invoice Management Please, month, date, user invoice number view Month Date Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key

    • Format Kindle
    • Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key
    • Louise Bates Ames
    • Anglais
    • 22 February 2016
    • 165 pages

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