MeiroKodo: Volume 1

✈ Read (Anglais) @MeiroKodo: Volume 1 For Free ͣ Kindle Ebook Author Stephanie Quanel ᾪ ✈ Read (Anglais) @MeiroKodo: Volume 1 For Free ͣ Kindle Ebook Author Stephanie Quanel ᾪ Can you solve all the mazes to crack the code and discover the secret message In Japanese the word meiro means maze, and the word kodo means code Each volume of MeiroKodo contains 26 mazes Each of these mazes features one letter of the alphabet along with a few different symbols throughout the maze The first objective is to figure out which one of the symbols correlates to the letter in each maze In MeiroKodo, there is ALWAYS and ONLY just one possible symbol that relates to each letter in each maze, and each maze is created in such a way that it is impossible for you to solve the letter for an incorrect symbol Stay within the lines to solve each maze and decipher the letters one by one There is a code key sheet included where you will match the symbols to the letters as you solve each maze Once you have completed the mazes, you will be able to use the code key sheet to solve for the secret message at the end The mazes are cheat proof in that you cannot start from the end and work your way back to the beginning which is the letter you are trying to solve for This is because you simply don t know which symbol correlates to the letter to begin with So whether you try and start working backwards from the symbols, or from the starting point of the letter, either way you will be challenged just as much And if the messages in each volume were simply scrambled letters of our alphabet, then the messages would be nothing than just a simple cyrptogram But by using symbols for the letters instead, deciphering the messages becomes challenging in that it s not as easy to recognize the repetition and patterns of words and letters This makes solving the mazes not only fun, but also a very important step instead of just short cutting directly to the message waiting at the end of each volume, and trying to figure it out With traditional mazes the fun ends as soon as you solve the maze The only thing left to do is move on to the next maze With traditional cryptogram puzzles or other word puzzles like crosswords or word finds, as soon as you re finished, the only thing left to do again is move on to the next puzzle MeiroKodo combines the thrill of deciphering an encrypted message along with discovering the hidden passageway through each maze puzzle And since this book is a very hands on experience for the user, every puzzle is completely hand drawn by a master artist This provides an exclusive and different experience for you every time with a personalized touch, unlike computer generated mazes MeiroKodo is a new and unique thought provoking experience from start to finish, and mostly suitable for ages 7 to adult And now MeiroKodo is here for you So what are you waiting for MeiroKodo: Volume 1

    • (Anglais)
    • 1533166293
    • MeiroKodo: Volume 1
    • Stephanie Quanel
    • Anglais
    • 15 August 2017
    • 78 pages

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